sistem komunikasi digital berbasis chaos

Mencoba untuk menggali beberapa tutorial dasar tentang chaos dari berbagai referensi yang ada terus memasaknya jadi special food for the research… 😀
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Convolutional encoder

Convolutional encoder have been widely used in many application such as digital video broadcasting, digital audio broadcasting, satellite communication, cellular mobile, etc. its popularity came from the structure and availability that is easy and simple to implemented. The purpose of convolutional code are to improve channel capacity during the transmission and the other, of course to mitigate burst error occurs the transmission.
The structure of convolutional encoder shown at the figure below
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pemahaman basic tentang W-OFDM (wideband OFDM)

OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) sebagaimana dketahui telah diaplikasikan pada banyak aplikasi telekomunikasi. diantaranya yaitu DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial), ADSL (Asynchronus Digital Subscriber Line), wireless LAN dll.


I have a second project about OFDM again…
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